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Popular Alternatives to Dentures

When it comes to your teeth, it’s important to take good care of them – because unlike many other parts of our bodies that can break, repair, and regenerate – you only get one set of teeth.

So if you’ve been going strong with the same pair of teeth for years on end, don’t be too down on yourself if it the prospect of having to replace some (or even all) of your teeth eventually comes up. Sometimes it comes down to genetics, other times it comes down to injury or disease, and (unfortunately) it can also be a matter of improper oral care.

Regardless of the reason, now you’re looking for information on dentures. If you’re a patient looking for affordable dentures in Downey, California we might be able to help you even more, but for now – we’ll stick to information.

One of the many things patients wonder when the prospect of dentures comes up is, “what are the alternatives?”.  When you’re facing any medical procedure, it’s normal to be curious about the options available to you. When it comes to dentures, the main alternatives are dental implants and — to a lesser degree – dental bridges.

One of the most common complaints from denture wearers (and one of the reasons so many patients wonder about denture alternatives) is concerning the stability and retention of dentures used for the bottom row of teeth. More often than not, patients hope to avoid dentures falling out or slipping while they talk, which can be inconvenient and embarrassing.

Dental Implants: A Permanent, Non-Removable Alternative
Treatments for this can be as simple as a couple dental implants used to help support and stabilize the lower denture, or even a full mouth of dental implants that effectively replace each individual tooth with a series of prostheses.  Naturally, the costs involved with procedures like this can vary widely. In most cases, implants are placed strategically so that fixed dental bridges can be attached to them, which allows multiple teeth to be supported by individual implants.

Snap-On DenturesPart Implant / Part Denture

Another alternative is what has become known as a “snap-on” denture, which utilize miniature implants for support and stability. These dentures are easily attached to implants carefully inserted into your jaw by our expert implant specialist in our very own clinic. Unlike some traditional dentures, the “snap-on” variety do not rely on the support of a palate “base” that covers the roof of your mouth and snap directly into your mini implants instead. Unlike traditional dental implants, “snap on” dentures are indeed dentures and are designed to be removed from your mouth and easily “snapped” back onto your jawbone. This means that your “dentures” rest directly on your gums, which can drastically decrease soars, discomfort, and virtually eliminate any shifting or wiggling.

Most of all, make sure you see a qualified, professional dentist with years of experience providing dental implants. 


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