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Putting off Dental Work is More Expensive Than Just ‘Getting it Over With’

We’ve all been there before, you see a toothpaste commercial or read something in the news about teeth, and begin to feel the tingle in your mouth. Chances are, there’s nothing wrong with your teeth, but you begin to get that lingering feeling that you’re long overdue for a trip to the dentist’s office.  No matter what reason you’re avoiding the dentist’s office, take this one simple tip: STOP.   Read on to learn a few reasons why you shouldn’t wait to go to the dentist.

Save Money, Get it Over With:  When it comes to your teeth, the waiting game is almost always a losing proposition. There are very few reasons to delay serious dental treatment, like a root canal or filling.  On the rare occasion that you do delay treatment, it is important to appreciate the fact that follow-up treatment should not be delayed. Another situation where delaying treatment might be recommended is if you are expecting one tooth to receive work and it is adjacent to a space that will soon be affected by a dental bridge.

The Insurance Problem: Sometimes, patients put off getting important dental work because they don’t have dental insurance, and the cost of the procedures could be expensive. Our advice to these patients: see if your dentist is willing to work with you. Many times, dental offices are willing to be flexible and provide payment plans for treatment.

Dealing with Dental Anxiety: An entirely different reason for patients to avoid getting timely dental care is the very real factor of anxiety. Do you get anxious about going to the dentist’s office? For some patients, its the prospect of a needle being used for local anesthesia, for other patients it’s the drill, and for some it’s the prospect of going in for dental work at all that fires up the anxiety. For those patients, a wide variety of solutions are available through sedation dentistry. Typically, sedation dentistry is accomplished by using either laughing gas (nitrous oxide) or IV sedation.

While nitrous oxide isn’t generally used to “put you under” it is incredibly effective at rendering a patient relaxed and ambivalent towards their surgery. While you will still be capable of following directions and comprehending what’s going on, you simple won’t care about the drill or the needle. When combined with some headphones for music to drown out the sound of the drill, many patients never need anything more than laughing gas. Fortunately, in addition to working quickly, the gas also wears off relatively quickly – meaning you won’t feel hungover after your procedure.

IV sedation is a little more serious and is typically reserved for more in-depth surgeries. Because it actively uses anesthesia to render a patient unconscious, diligent attention must be paid to the patient’s vitals at all times. With IV sedation, you won’t even know a dental procedure has taken place until you’re back in the waiting room receiving after-care instructions before a friend or family member drives you home.

Are you someone in the Cypress, CA area that’s been putting off important dental work? Stop the trend today, give us a call! We’ll make the process easy.

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