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Our Approach to Quality Care

Your smile is the first thing many people see. But that’s not all. Your teeth help you eat and speak, and can be either a source of great confidence or severe anxiety.

At Cypress DDS, we strive to create happy, satisfied patients by offering the best dental care available in Orange County. Whether you’re a single patient or looking for a family dentist, our dental team combines expertise and compassion to be the kind of comprehensive care provider that patients can appreciate.

For every need, from pediatric dentistry to dentures, implants, and emergency care – our dental team is ready.

What Makes Cypress DDS Different

In our dental office, offering the best care available in the Cypress and Orange County area is our primary goal. By assembling a team of the best dentists in the area, equipping them with state of the art dental equipment, and constantly learning in order to stay on top of the latest advances in the dental world, we are confident that our team offers the comprehensive dental care that sets the stage for a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums.

In order to offer our patients the best available dental care, our team covers a wide range of disciplines and specialties. 


Get whiter teeth in just a couple hours.


Get the perfect smile you've always wanted.


Exceptional dental care for the whole family


Take the Anxiety out of Your Dental Visit


Get straighter teeth, the invisible way


Permanently fix your smile with dental crowns and bridges


Strengthen and Beautify Your Teeth with Veneers

Laser Dentistry

Hate the drill? No problem. Laser dentistry can help.

Periodontal Disease

Protect your gums to protect your teeth. Learn how we can hel