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Permanently fix your smile with dental crowns and bridges

Dental Crowns and Bridges in Cypress, CA

When it comes to repairing teeth quickly, safely, and effectively, a – dentists everywhere rely on dental crowns and bridges. But at Cypress DDS, that’s where the similarities end, because we strive to not be like most dentists.

For every dental crown or bridge, our first focus is successful treatment that lasts for years. On top of our patient-oriented approach that strives to minimize discomfort and maximize satisfaction, you can be sure that when you need a dental crown or dental bridge, the treatment you’ll get in our dentist office is second to none.

Dental crowns and dental bridges are some of the most common solutions used to repair, protect, and conceal teeth. Whether you have lost a tooth, are experiencing pain, or would simply like to cover up an imperfect tooth – a dental crown or dental bridge from Cypress DDS will help.

Dental Crowns
For concealing, protecting, and reinforcing your teeth

Also known as a cap, dental crowns are used to protect and completely encapsulate your tooth, both protecting it and restoring its surface. While crowns are available in metal, gold, and even other precious metals, most patients opt for natural looking porcelain crowns to restore their teeth without anyone knowing it’s even there.

Should you get a crown?

The dental team at Cypress DDS frequently recommends and provides dental crowns for a number of reasons. Some of these include:

  • For Restoration: If your tooth has been fractured, broken, or excessively worn down, a dental crown can return it to its proper shape and size.
  • For Bridgework: Dental crowns are frequently utilized as an anchor for dental bridges (more on bridges below)
  • For Cosmetic Reasons: Dental crowns are often used when a patient wants to conceal an irregularly shaped or discolored tooth.
  • For Protection: Many times, dental crowns are used to help protect and cover a dental implant.

Dental Bridges
For replacing missing teeth and supporting natural teeth

Dental bridges are, actually, exactly what they sound like. When you’re missing a tooth, a dental bridge is the device used to “bridge” the gap between healthy teeth and teeth that either fell out on their own (and couldn’t be saved) or were too damaged to keep. Dental bridges are a non-removable solution used frequently for patients of every age.

When Dental Bridges are Used:

Our dental team uses bridges for one primary reason: to replace a missing tooth. While many patients are concerned about the impact a missing tooth has on their smile, the actual benefit of a dental bridge is two-fold. First, it restores your smile and fills the gap left by a missing tooth. Second, and even more importantly, it provides support for your remaining tooth, which prevents them from shifting in the wrong direction or shifting out of place, which can ultimately affect the appearance of your face.

Have questions about dental crowns or bridges? We can help!

Nobody enjoys getting dental work, but at Cypress DDS or goal is for your experience to be positive and painless. If you think you might benefit from a dental crown or dental bridge, schedule a consultation today to get the answers you need. No insurance? We’ll work with you to make your treatment affordable.