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Think about the embarrassment you feel when you have a sprig of parsley majestically stuck in your teeth. Nobody likes that feeling. Now amplify it times ten and imagine simply being toothless.

Our teeth are a major source of confidence in our day to day lives. It goes without saying that we also rely on our teeth for eating the foods we love. If you’re considering the prospect of losing your teeth, first don’t worry. There are plenty of options available, and the best part is that they continue to get better, stronger, more comfortable, and more natural looking. Next, give us a call. Here at Cypress DDS, we strive to be the area’s best denture provider.

From helping patients finding a  great looking, naturally functioning, and affordable pair of dentures to assisting with your transition into a new set of “teeth”, we’re here to help.

The Kinds of Dentures We Offer
at Cypress DDS

In order to provide every patient with a denture solution that fits their needs, lifestyle, and particular dental situation, there are a few types of dentures available.

Full Dentures

Full dentures are what you think of when you imagine a pair of dentures. They are a full set of replacement teeth that consist of two pieces. One piece includes a gum colored base that covers both your gums and the roof of your mouth. The lower half of your full dentures is held together with a horseshoe shaped base, in order to make room for your tongue.

Full Dentures Explained

When you’re getting fitted for a pair of full dentures, the first step for our experienced dentist is to remove your remaining teeth. Once this is complete, your jaw will begin to slowly change over time in response to the lack of teeth. During this time, it will slowly change it’s shape and structure. To accommodate for this, your dentist generally recommends waiting at least a few months before fitting your “permanent” denture to your jawbone.

However, most patients don’t want to live without teeth while they wait. Because of this, your dentist will often also measure your jaw to fit a temporary set of dentures known as an immediate denture. Immediate dentures, while not perfectly fit for your mouth (due to the changing of your jaw) will enable you to eat and speak normally while you wait for your permanent dentures. As your jaw continues to change, you can also see your dentist to have your immediate dentures adjusted to fit properly.

Partial Dentures

When you only need to replace a small number of teeth, a partial denture is often recommended. Similar to a dental bridge, a partial denture is used to fill the gap where teeth have gone missing. One of the benefits of partial dentures is the ability to anchor them to your existing healthy teeth, making them feel sturdy and natural.

The Choice Between Dentures and Implants

Many times, when patients are good candidates for partial dentures, they are often presented with the choice between partial dentures and dental implants. While the two appliances accomplish the same goal by replacing missing (or soon to be missing) teeth, they do so in somewhat different ways.

While a partial denture can be removed, dental implants are permanent. For most patients, the two primary concerns when making this decision come down to how well a partial denture will work with your existing teeth and cost.

For instance, patients that must replace a significant amount of teeth are often steered towards a partial denture due to a partial denture’s ability to close large gaps more cost effectively. Then again, if a patient is only missing a few teeth, dental implants might be a more viable option.

In the end, every patient is different. To determine which solution will be best for you, simply schedule an appointment. We’re here to help, and part of helping is ensuring each patient gets exactly what they need, and nothing they don’t.