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Dental Implants in Cypress, CA

Are you considering the possibility of losing a tooth and having to replace it? Are you wondering what your options are?

While the prospect of losing a tooth can come with a lot of emotions, the first thing you should remember is that the technology behind dental implants has come a long way. Years ago, if you lost a tooth you simple lost a tooth. Replacement teeth were either not only incredibly rare, they were incredibly bad. Today, dental implants hardly feel any different than your natural teeth, they work just as well, and they are just as strong (if not stronger).

Our team of expert dentists brings years of implant experience to the table, having provided dental implants for patients with wildly varying situations. When you want to restore your teeth with strong, natural looking and natural functioning replacements, you’ve come to the right place.

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Making a Case for Dental Implants

In addition to the fact that dental implants look like your real teeth, one of their greatest benefits is the fact that they also function like normal teeth. While a solution like dentures can sometimes force you to avoid certain foods, dental implants have a much less drastic impact on your lifestyle and are much more of a “set it and forget it” solution.

How Dental Implants Work

One of the greatest misconceptions about dental implants is the mistaken belief that the “implant” is actually the replacement tooth. This isn’t correct. Dental implants are actually tiny titanium posts that are surgically added to your jawbone. Not only do they take the place of your teeth, but they also replace your tooth’s root system. Once the implants have been installed, the bone in your jaw naturally bonds with the titanium, which creates an incredibly strong foundation for your future artificial teeth.

Once the titanium posts are fitted into your jaw, artificial teeth are designed and added to the posts – completing your smile, restoring natural functionality to your teeth, and giving you a perfect smile.

Why Many Patients Choose Dental Implants

“Implants, bridges, or dentures?” This is the question many patients ask when the prospect of replacement teeth comes up. While bridges are used to replace only a small amount of missing teeth, dentures are often a major competitor of dental implants when it comes down to replacing a larger amount of teeth.

Patients often choose implants over restoration techniques like dentures for three primary reasons. First, there’s convenience. While implants are largely a “hands off” solution that requires little care outside of brushing and flossing, dentures require a fair amount of care.  Second, there’s your facial structure. While dentures can eventually deteriorate your jaw bone, a solution like implants ensures that your facial structure is maintained, without shifting or shrinking. Finally, there’s permanence. One of the biggest reasons patients choose dental implants over dentures is the sheer fact that they’re permanent. No need to remove them, no need to replace them – just a fresh set of teeth that look great.