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Root Canal Treatment in Cypress, CA

Tell anyone that you need a root canal and you’re likely to be met with groans of empathy.  Sure, it’s never fun to need any kind of dental work – but there’s one thing you might be getting wrong about root canal treatment – it’s not painful, the underlying cause is.

The goal of root canal treatment is to alleviate the pain associated with an abscess or infection in your tooth’s root canal. Fortunately, modern dental science and anesthesia make root canal treatment no more uncomfortable than a filling.

What the Root Canal Is, and Why You Might Need Root Canal Treatment

While many people refer to a “root canal” as the actual treatment, this isn’t the case. You root canal is a name for the anatomical space inside of your tooth. It is made up of what is called the pulp chamber, a main canal, and an assortment of nerves, blood vessels, and tissues. Early in your tooth’s development, it is the task of the root canal to help supply your body with valuable nutrients so that it may grow. Once your tooth is fully formed, it can actually survive without the dental pulp – which makes root canal treatment possible without endangering the rest of your tooth.

Treatment of the root canal is necessary when the pulp in your tooth becomes inflamed or infected. This happens for a variety of reasons, but more often than not, it comes down to either decay or damage (from an injury). When this goes unchecked, it often leads to the tell-tale symptom of the need for root canal treatment, intense and prolonged pain.

Are you experiencing pain? Root canal treatment might be your ticket to relief. Schedule an appointment today to learn more about your options.

Common Symptoms of Root Canal Problems Include:

  • Swelling or inflammation of the gums
  • A pimple-like bump on your gums, below a painful tooth
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold that doesn’t go away even after you’ve stopped eating or drinking
  • Sensitive gums
  • Pain or pressure that doesn’t go away
  • Pain that gets more intense when you apply pressure

The Root Canal Procedure and How It Helps

Like we mentioned before, root canal treatment is actually not much more uncomfortable than a simple filling for a cavity. For most patients, all that’s required is a little bit of anesthesia and maybe some music as a distraction.

The goal of the procedure is to use a small, specialized dental drill to gain access to the tooth’s pulp chamber. Once inside, more specialized equipment is used to clean out the chamber, making sure that every bit of bacteria and infection is completely cleansed.  Next, a medicine is often used inside the chamber to help kill any remaining bacteria. Finally, a temporary filling is used which will eventually be replaced by a permanent filling or a crown.

Are you experiencing a painful toothache? Root canal treatment is the most effective way to permanently get relief. Fortunately, our endodontic specialists are some of the best in the Cypress and Orange County area.  Schedule an appointment today for fast, professional, and experienced relief.