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No matter how advanced the field of dentistry gets, there will always be patients that simply can’t stand sitting in the dentist’s chair. This is perfectly fine. We get it! But the last thing we want is a patient or a potential patient to suffer from long-term dental issues because of dental anxiety.

For this reason, our experienced team of dentists offer a few different options for sedation dentistry here in our dental clinic in Cypress, CA.

For Dental Anxiety: Sedation Dentistry is a Game Changer

With sedation dentistry, you won’t ever have to worry about sitting in the dentist’s chair again. Our modern techniques help ensure that all of your anxiety simply washes away, no matter what procedure you’re expecting to receive.

By using combinations of anesthesia and anti-anxiety medications, our dentists carefully consider each patient and his or her needs to suggest the ideal combination of sedatives, ensuring that every procedure is smooth, painless, and anxiety free.

The Different Types of Sedation Dentistry

Nitrous Oxide (“Laughing Gas”)

Many patients with dental anxiety feel that way in the first place because of the needle used to apply local anesthetic. For them, it’s not the “drill” they’re worried about at all. This is completely understandable, some people just don’t like needles. For those patients, we start with Nitrous Oxide (otherwise known as “laughing gas” to create a sense of relaxation.  Nitrous oxide is also a great solution for patients who simply can’t get comfortable with the many different sounds, smells, and sensations that accompany a variety of dental procedures.  With Nitrous Oxide, the effect only lasts as long as your dentist needs it to, and will quickly dissipate after your appointment without any ill-effects.

IV Sedation 

For many procedures, especially oral surgery, some patients prefer to “go under”. That is, they don’t want to be awake for any of it. While IV sedation is a bit more serious than nitrous oxide, its benefit is that patients go to “sleep” and wake up without ever realizing the procedure even took place. Because of this, IV sedation involves a slightly higher risk, and requires constant monitoring by our dental team.

Why Patients Choose Cypress DDS for Sedation Dentistry

Regardless of the sedation method you choose for your dental procedure, know this: at Cypress DDS, whether you’re getting a cleaning or a root canal treatment, you’re always in good hands. 

Patients in the Orange County area consistently choose our office for sedation dentistry, because they’re familiar with our commitment to delivering caring, top-notch care that’s constantly focused on the individual.

We understand that every patient is different. Every patient has unique experiences, worries, and anxieties when it comes to visiting the dentist. With that in mind, we speak with every patient to deliver care that’s catered to each and every need. In our book, it’s what every patient deserves.